Family Leadership

Family Leaders

Have you ever thought of ways to improve programs that affect you and your family but just didn’t know how to share those ideas and make changes? Families just like yours have helped our nation, states, and local communities improve policies, programs, services, activities, and community life by getting involved and making a difference.

Local families and community members have been doing this for several years by participating in the Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI), sponsored by MECC and coordinated by Trish Peters. FLTI gave them the leadership training and skills to make their voices heard, and to make the changes they wanted to see through their community projects. It can do the same for you.

This free, family civics curriculum begins with a day long retreat in January, followed by 20 weekly evening sessions that include dinner and free childcare. Graduates complete a community project, and participate in a local graduation ceremony, as well as a graduation ceremony at the State Capitol with other FLTI graduates from around the state. Enrollment is limited to applicants who are screened and chosen based on their availability and readiness. Click here to read a recruitment flyer for our local FLTI and for contact information. Visit the FLTI website and look for the bright red Accepting Applications Now button on the right of the home page. If you miss this year’s institute, contact Trish to get on the list for next year.

Montelores 2014 FLTI GraduatesLearn more about the 2014 Montelores Family Leadership Training Institute – congratulations, 2014 FLTI graduates!

Click here for links to advocacy organizations to find other ways you can make your voice heard.


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