Parents & Families

Families are the Strength of Our Community

MECC’s members believe in families!

After all, we ourselves are parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, and belong to extended families.

We know first hand:
★ the joys and challenges of raising children.
★ how hard it is to juggle the competing demands of home, work, and/or school.
★ that families need information and support with parenting questions, choosing child care, finding needed resources, and becoming advocates for their kids.
that everyone needs help now and then.

We believe that:
★ strong families are the foundation of healthy, vibrant communities.
★ strong, loving families raise the children who will become tomorrow’s citizens.
★ you are your child’s first teachers.
★ the strong, nurturing relationships you form with your child, and the experiences you share, will have a lasting impact on his or her development, success in school, and life.


Tell us what you’d like to see here!

This section of MECC’s website is for you – parents and family members. If you think of resources or information that should be included, please contact MECC’s Coordinator, Vangi McCoy, to make suggestions. Click here for other ideas about the important roles you can play.

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NEW Free Parenting App:

Let’s Play! is a free parenting app from ZERO TO THREE with fun activities, organized by age and routine, for parents to use to support their young child’s early learning.

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