SW CAEYC Conference Photo Albums

Save the Date! The 2017 SW CAEYC Conference will be Saturday, September 23rd at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. Click here to view the 2017 Conference flyer. The RFP for keynote speaker will be released soon.


The 4th annual SW CAEYC conference was held 11/1/14 at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. Early Childhood professionals from CO and NM heard presentations about all the changes in early childhood coming in the year ahead, as well as other presentations on a variety of topics. The conference reviews were outstanding! You can click here to view PDFs of some of the presentations (not all speakers submitted their Power Point presentations for inclusion). To see the keynote powerpoint, by Dr. Pam Schiller, click here.


The third annual SW CAEYC conference, held at Fort Lewis College, was attended by almost 300 early childhood professionals from across the state. The luncheon keynote speaker, Jason Kotecki, helped everyone diagnosis their “Adulitis” and fortunately, gave them some suggested treatments. For weeks afterwards we saw googly eyes stuck on fruit, (empty) to-go coffee cups taped to the tops of cars, and many other tricks to bring smiles and chuckles. He gave us so many important reminders not to take ourselves so seriously in the very serious work we do. Scott Burns also spoke and gave away many wonderful things. Conference attendees had fun at breakout sessions as they sang, moved, shared, played with toys, used materials in new ways, learned about transition to kindergarten, etc.


Hosted once again by Fort Lewis College, the second annual SW CAEYC conference was attended by almost 300 early childhood professionals from this region of the state as well as northern New Mexico. Gail Joseph, PhD, an Associate Professor at the University of Washington, gave an inspiring keynote during lunch on strategies to increase social-emotional competence in young children. Every participant received a wonderful set of professionally printed tools to use in classrooms and centers. Breakout sessions included topics such as responsive caregiving, using music with young children, the importance of fathers, movement activities, special education inclusion, the Pyramid Project, early literacy, numerical competence, etc.