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Invest in Kids Now For Economic Growth Later

Google the question “Why invest in early childhood development and education?” and you’re likely to get over 30 million hits. From the White House to all fifty State Houses, from the World Bank to the Federal Reserve Bank, from courthouse chambers to the US Chamber of Commerce, leaders agree that:


Good early childhood development, a product of healthy, nurturing family and early education environments, leads to:

  •           Success in school with high graduation rates
  •           Higher employment rates, overall higher median income, and upward mobility
  •           Greater success as parents raising another generation of successful citizens

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Poor early childhood development, a product of detrimental, adverse early environments, leads to:

  •           Difficulties in school that may require remediation, grade retention, and lead to a greater likelihood of dropping out
  •           Higher unemployment rates, lower income, and greater likelihood of entering the criminal justice system
  •           Greater incidence of parenting challenges, including teen parenthood, single parenthood, poverty, and difficulties nurturing children to become successful citizens

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