Fall 2016 EQIT Registration


Completed registration form.
Director’s signature acknowledging participation in the EQIT course for center‐based participants.
Attendance at mandatory orientation luncheon and completion of work for all training sessions.
Priority will be given to those providing infant‐toddler care in Montezuma and Dolores counties.

Information About the Training:

48 hours of training, a one‐hour orientation, and from 2 – 6 coaching sessions will be provided.
Training materials and a coaching journal will be provided.
A final certificate documenting the completion of 48 hours of state‐approved training will be awarded to those who fulfill all the CDE requirements.
Those who receive a CDE EQIT certificate will be recognized on MECC’s website and at the Early Childhood Appreciation Dinner.

Information About the Orientation Luncheon:

On the first day of the EQ course immediately following the completion of Module 1 (from 9AM to Noon), there will be a mandatory orientation from noon until 1p.m. Lunch will be provided. The agenda will include:

Overview of the materials.
Class expectations including punctuality, attendance, and makeup homework.
Coaching description, agreements, and challenges.
College credit.

At 1p.m. we will begin Module 2. For all other class sessions, you are free during the lunch hour.

Download Fall 2016 EQIT Registration Form